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Fastgecko Review 2017

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fastgecko review frog Fastgecko is a new easy to use course building software that plugs in to work press. Read this mini write up fastgecko review or click the link above to read more on my site or click the gecko picture to see more on the product from the makes.

Fastgecko offers an easy to use course building applications that can be used as  a wordpress plug in, to build well presented online courses. The package is fully compatible with all the major payment platforms, so collecting payment for your content is easy.

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Starting here at just $97 (reduced from the normal price of $157)

-if you have course content that need to be presented in a professional delivery then this product must be of  interest and value.

fastgecko comes with ample tools and templates to get you started and to deliver content in great way, but there are some upgrades that can be of great value also. The package comes with security features to protect your content, is easy to use and is very fast in delivery. Read the full review here ==> click me

FastGecko is a WordPress plugin that helps you develop either free or paid membership course on your sites with just a couple of minutes. I think FastGecko have delivered a quality product for those who need to deliver online courses, either free of charge (for example a site induction or welcome package to a new starter or visitor), as part of their services or organizational requirements or professional training provides.

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Fastgecko Summary

Product: FastGecko

Launches: 30th October 2017 11:00 EDT

Price: $97 Limit time only $157 normal price

Free Trial: Yes, get Fastgecko for free, 14 day free trial.

Creator: Daniel Angeloff

Fastgecko review creator The creator behind FastGecko the entrepreneur, digital marketer and online coach.


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Fastgeckocomes with numerous features. With the Gecko Setup Wizard, you can easily run and create your own online course. You can also save a lot of time and concentrate on other important things, like the training and delivery of your online course material. You can also create your course modules with the help of the Course Builder. By just a simple drag and drop, you can easily create your course modules. The whole process flows logically and easily.

  • Security

You have most probably invested a good deal of time creating your course content, so its important Online Courses are not stolen. This makes security one of the most important factors in your online courses. In order to protect your course content, FastGecko will help you protect your course. FastGecko has a built-in feature that will help you to restrict all your files. Rest assure that unauthorized users will not have the access to all your files.

  • Impress the Customers

The course content is one of the most valuable things that you should consider. Your customer will always focus on your course content. It offers you variety of templates and makes sure that your Membership site will always look awesome. If you succeed with impressing your customers, you will easily decrease your cancellation rate. Whether you are an educator or an online teacher, FastGecko is an awesome tool that will you succeed in your online school.

  • Save Money and Make Money

You can create an internal checkout with the help of the FastGecko payment function just like a payment in an online shop. Your benefits? You can easily gain more revenue and can perform cross-selling. The course builder will make it possible for you to receive payment for courses that you provide. Using the all the well know and trusted online payment methods, taking payments is easy. With the FastGecko, you are good to go. Earned sales as soon as possible.

The course builder product types of fastgecko

The course builder can create 3 general types of course structure, which will depend upon the type, size and the consumer of your training material. This also give flexibility of how payment increments can be organized.

  • Standard

-As soon a user purchases a product, all modules and files inside this product will be visible immediately.

  • Sequential

-Each module can be assigned an access delay. Users must wait this amount of time to access each module and its files. E.g. If a module is set with 2 weeks delay, users will see this module 2 weeks after purchase.

  • Periodic

-Made for seasonal modules. Each module is assigned a date. E.g. your product consists of 12 , each of them for a specific month. If a product is purchased in April, the user will only see the April’s module immediately. After that access to the other modules is granted monthly.

  • Easy Payment set up

One of the great features of this plug in is it is full interrogatable with all the usual payment methods that you would expect, PayPal and Stripe or whichever your organization requires.

  • Extremely Fast

You can create membership sites and E-learning with the help of FastGecko in just a couple of minutes. Be full amazed with the ability of the course builder to help you create course content with just minutes and not days. You can create your own online course in the fastest way. You don’t need to hire a programmer to do the job for you. With the help of the tutorial, you can make it fast like Gecko. By the way a fast gecko is not as fast as a cheetah, despite what the google searches and youtubists will tell you, or at least that is also my mini review of the lizard- I digress, back to the job in hand- comment below if  you must!

  • Comfortable To Use

Gecko is simple and easy to use. This was built for teachers especially those online teachers and not for programmers. Aside from its easy to use, FastGecko is directed to the needs of students which means you don’t need to worry. FastGecko will serve as your partner in your journey into the success of your online course and membership site.

  • High-Security Standards

When it comes to the security of your files, Gecko makes sure that no one will never access your files. Gecko’s security makes it possible for you to be confident and rest assured that it doesn’t get stolen from you from intruders. Your content is very vital to your online course that is why FastGecko makes it possible to secure all your files and make sure nobody could steal it from you.

  • Create Engaging Online Courses

Another benefit of this course builder is its ability to create engaging courses. Whether you are a trainer or a teacher, FastGecko offers the simplest way to create and will help you distribute it online. You can also create better courses by simply taking the advantage of the learning platform. The course builder will also help you to have an engaging content for your online environment. You can also build online courses free and reap the benefit of the course builder with its relevant learning experience.

  • Create Great Contents

If you are an educator, you will surely love this product. You can easily engage all your students by combining productivity with creativity. FastGecko will give you the total control of all your content that you wish to deliver to your students. It is also your choice to create your own learning materials using the online tools which are built for educators. You can also make your content private or public.

If you are looking for an awesome E-learning Website, then FastGecko is your perfect choice. FastGecko makes it easy to create online course sites in just  minutes and can import external text, image and video content to include in your courses.

Successful Online Course Site With Fastgecko

FastGecko offers video training to help you succeed on your online Course Site. This will also provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to build your online course as well as your membership that your students will surely love. This video includes the reason why most of the teachers fail in building their online course and  make no money in the long run.

You can also learn how to develop and structure your online course that your students will surely love. FastGecko will also help you to successfully set up and complete your online course and membership sites in less than an hour. You will never feel frustrated just like other teachers who find it hard to complete their online course.

For Educators and not for Programmers

This course builder is no for programmers. This was developed to help teachers and educators who are aiming to start their profitable online school. If you are a teacher or educator who is planning to open your new online course or membership site, FastGecko is worth for an investment. You don’t need to hire a programmer and you don’t need to be a techie. FastGecko will provide you with an effective video training.

Empowerment and Engagement

As an educator, FastGecko course builder will make it possible for you to unlock their full potential and enhance their learning experiences. Since critical thinking and creativity are some of the literacies in the 21st-century skills, FastGecko focuses on creating an active learning experience for students. It offers a wide range of resources to help every student to interact and explore new things.

The created content with its online tools will help educators to be benefited with the endless opportunities to encourage their students to make an active participation in their class. The moment that you choose to use FastGecko, it will the start of the endless possibilities which you can benefit from as well as your students. What is more important is that students are motivated in class and frequently interact with their peers and the content.

Collaborative Learning

Since two heads are better than one. FastGecko enables collaboration between trainers and students, which I think will be a useful feature of the software. Why? FastGecko makes it possible for them to teach effectively to their students and utilize the latest trend in educational methodologies. You can easily collaborate with your fellow educators who are with the same goals, the same areas of expertise and interest. FastGecko will offer you limitless possibilities and opportunities. As educators, you can now teach without barriers. Your online course will be a successful one if you choose to use the platform. You can deliver an amazing content with confidence which is designed to engage every student with the use of FastGecko as a tool for all educators.

Benefits with Minimum Fuss

FastGecko will not make things more complicated. You can easily start creating content for your online course in just a minute. FastGecko makes is possible for an easy and fast use of the platform. There will no hidden charges and you will not waste more of your time because, with just less than an hour, everything is all set.

Built for the Community

Most of the FastGecko Team are teachers and online teachers. Therefore, it was developed by teachers themselves who knew the pain and the struggle of building an E-learning community with the help of the platform. FastGecko is a convenient and fastest way of creating an online course and membership sites. FastGecko knows the need of online teachers that is why its features are always open for modification and for better improvement. FastGecko is built by online teachers for online teachers.

With just a day or less, you can easily build your online school. Then, the next day, you and start earning sales and harvesting the advantage of using the E-learning platform. With FastGecko, all of these things are possible.

Conclusion of this fastgecko review

FastGecko offers multiple uses that attract more users, perfectly developed for educators and online course provides that offer free or paid courses. Therefore, it is essential that you have it as soon as possible, as this will save time in putting your courses into a clear and professional presentation, that is flexible in the delivery and easy to use for the recipient. The moment you buy FastGecko, you will easily reap its advantages and benefits. FastGecko could be your perfect choice if you are one of those educators who is planning to open your online course.


How much does fastgecko cost?

For a limited time at $97   ( instead of $157 usual non promo price) licence for 5 sites

fastgecko review oto

First upgrade option

Online Course Publishing Empire (Videotraining) $47 One Time / instead of $197.00


Second upgrade

6-Figure Publishing Business Master Course (Videotraining) $197 One Time / instead of $497.00

Or try the free trial– click here to visit Fastgecko for details

Would I buy it?

Although I currently have no plans at present to provide online courses, I can clearly see the benefits of this package. I do know personally a number of business owners, who provides online training, I will be giving my recommendation of this software. I hope you enjoyed this  review..

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