Cinch Tweet Review

Cinch Tweet review

Welcome to my Cinch Tweet review of this software, I am going to go over the main features of this new software and hope it will help in your buying decisions for your business.

What is Cinch Tweet

Cinch Tweet Review BoxCinch Tweets is an intelligent way to spike and optimised your social media traffic that is completely automated.

It is a smart twitter bot that gives you control over what real marketers want and need. It offers location based tweets and Twitter follows to personalize suggestions on who you should follow.

There is a powerful built in language detection filter which detects the tone of the messages and hashtag etc, so the system can predict who is going to want to follow your brand or business and which Twitter users are going to engage with you more positively.

Cinch tweet enables you follow people on the frequency that they tweet, how long after tweet was posted or their hashtags, or even combinations of hashtags and comments that they use.

However, this is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ says Cindy Donavan, Cinch Tweets spokesperson of the development and product launch team.  Until incarnation Cinch Tweet, there has never been anything released to date for Twitter marketing on this level.  Check out the Cinch Tweet review demo video further down this review for you to see. Or go to Cinch Tweet sales page


Cinch Tweet Review- the automated way to drive your twitter marketing?

If you are marketing your brand or business on twitter or not as yet taken advantage of this social media platform, then Cinch Tweet or other marketing software that will automate your campaigns should be of interest to you.

Whilst you can manually monitor and administer all this manually, it takes time. These days’ software is intelligent and can automate the process and what’s more can pick up on trends and patterns far quicker than any human as software can process the masses of information at a much greater rate. Now this is where Cinch tweet comes into play.

Cinch Tweet is software that is specifically designed for roll of automating your marketing campaigns on twitter. Its goal to make this automated process look human and less robotic, giving the appearance of a genuine feel.

Cinch Tweet Review – Overview of the launch and software

Product: Cinch Tweet

Launches: 5 December 2017 at 11:00 EST

Price: $19.97 to $37 (but price will rise throughout the launch) see more below

Sales Page:

Vendor: Cindy Donavan and Shane Brooks

What is Cinch Tweet For?

Cinch Tweet is a brand-new software product and according to my research, is the first product to market of this kind. The software is designed to automate and boost the power of your twitter usage and leverage this in to a powerful marketing campaign on twitter. Cinch tweets functions will help you:-

  • Give smart and intelligent suggestions and recommendations for personalised follows.
  • Detect and pick up on images, GIFs, and videos
  • Create call to action tweets to engage followers
  • Has a Built-in language detection software that detects positive or negative messages
  • Helps to build customer relations
  • Will send personalised messages
  • Location intelligent – can make locational based tweets
  • Builds fresher audiences and offers custom searches

The development and marketing team

Cindy Donavan Cinch Tweet review Shane Brooks Cinch Tweet review

Cindy Donovan (with the help of Shane Brooks on this launch) are the people behind Cinch Tweet. She has been behind many successful software products and has a strong repudiation in the industry for quality releases that have helped businesses  grow. Cindy has been in the software industry for over ten years now and her reputation continues to grow. Other products launched by Cindy include SQZin, WP Blazer, Commission Sumo and Chrome Engage, just name a few.

So, what can Cinch Tweet actually do?

Cinch tweet review, a summarised listed how what the software does

Follow limits: Cinch Tweet  allows you to set a  minimum and maximum range of twitter followers, this will boost your effectiveness. Cinch tweet give you the ability to allow users to re-follow account that qualify to your specified criteria of the number of followers.

Automate the Unfollow process: usually you have to unfollow accounts that do not follow you back manually. Now Cinch tweet will automate this process for you.

Automaically follow and re-tweet personalised tweets from your relevant account

Improve engagement: by Cinch Tweets intelligent auto recommendation and suggestions, Cinch Tweet will recommend user suggestions to improve engagement

Time sensitive filters: Cinch Tweet will retweet on a date of your choosing if required

Search and explore accounts: This tool is most useful, it will search and locate the most relevant accounts to your niche and prioritise the account with the most followers and engagement and automatically follow them.

Post scheduling: Allows you to schedule your posts to the time most effective to you.

Comment automation: pretty self-descriptive

Tweets filter: Scan all the tweets on totally an automated process

Video, images, graphics filters: this will filter tweets the relevant graphical content that best meets your requirements

Blacklisting: Don’t like an account and don’t wish to be associated with them, no problem Cinch Tweet has this covered too.

Activity Tracking: Keeps track of all the important numbers – how many followers, retweets and like you are getting.

Cinch Tweet Review Demo Video


How it all works

Cinch Tweets claim is that it is an artificial intelligence type of software, that it has the benefits of improving and enhancing your profile on twitter, this should increase your following and engagements, which intern drive your sales and boost your profits.

The artificial intelligence in Cinch tweet will re tweet and follow accounts that are closely related and relevant to your business. Cinch tweets claim is that it will do this in an automotive fashion and appear to other users as a human interaction.

Who will benefit from Cinch Tweet the most?

If you already use Twitter for marketing then Cinch Tweet will be of obvious benefit to you, however if you have not even started to use twitter, then Cinch Tweet is a good place to start, boosting your marketing campaigns from the start. If you are a social media marketer this is obviously a smart and effective way to leverage the platform.  I would certainly give this new product a try out before other competitors pick up on this software as it will keep you ahead of the curve.

Cinch Tweet review pros and cons


  • Has powerful features to increase the effectiveness on twitter
  • Provides up to date and continued support
  • A good reputation for customer service
  • Team with a proven track record


  • As with any new software, when you first start using it, it takes that time to get your head around it, but it looks simple enough to me, so this time should be limited.

Cinch Tweet Review Conclusion

Cinch Tweet offers many obvious benefits to anybody who markets and promotes there brand or business on twitter. Being the first to market with this kind of software is also an obvious benefit, one which should be taken advantage of, as not many of your competitor will have, as yet, come across this software. Being the first in your field would offer many powerful benefits and grow and retain your customer following. For the price I would certainly give it a go, as opportunities like this, to be the first to use a  new technique or tool, history and experience has often told us he who act first reaps the rewards.

Prices and Packages

Launch Prices only… get in quick

Frontend Product: Cinch Tweet LIFETIME ACCESS $19.97 TO $37 Unlimited personal accounts


OTO1: Content Beast $27- $37  Searches the top and most engaging content for your niche and posts it to your social media account with just a click scheduler. SUPER CHARGE Cinch Tweet, watch this video and addon Content Beast

OTO 2: Smart Cash $47 for all three modules. Includes the following three addons: JVZoo integration, Shopify integration, Convert commissions integration, so, users can display automated cash generating posts.

OTO 3: Agency Access $97 Creates up to 20 user accounts charge whatever you like (over $37) of self-managed account or manage it for them charging a premium monthly fee. This looks great option for IMs  and freelances.

Cinch Tweet Review Bonuses

Twitter Marketing Cinch Tweet review

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Social Media tip tricks for cinch tweet review

retention hack product for cinch tweet review

I hope you found this Cinch Tweet review useful. If you choose to buy Cinch Tweet via the links on this site you can qualify for the bonuses below. Also please see our Terms of service page

Best practice to do this is to

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  2. Send me an email with your receipt/proof of purchase.
  3. I will email you the bonuses within 24 hours of verification.

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