FormGet Review

Formget Review 2017 – Adding power to online forms and data collection.

FormGet Review

Welcome to my formget review. Forms on websites are often overlooked, but it can be argued that the humble boring form at the end of your site is THE most important part of whole site. No form – no leads, no customers, no information, payments. If you want to find out more, then carry on reading.

Create on line forms to capture leads and INCREASE PAYMENTS quickly and easily!

Want to solve the problem above then visit Formget

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Product Overview What is Formget ?

FormGet is a online form building device that was first released by a US software company named MagnetBrains LLC in 2013. Since its inception, the software has been utilized by almost 30,000 users in many different countries using many different languages (formget are very proud of the fact that it works multilingually). The main purpose of FormGet is to build website forms that will collect vital  information from visitors to website. So in a nutshell FormGet is a form builder software for your site.

The Vital Statistics Formget Review Summary

Vendor: Neeraj Agarwal

Product Name: FormGet

Launch Date: October 17th 2017

Launch Time: 10:00 EDT

Front end Price: $97 Unlimited licence and $47 for the 5 form licence…..Get Early Bird 10% first 24 hours

Guarantee: Yes 30 days

Free Trial: Yes 30 day guarantee, see below.

formget review online form builder guarentee

FormGet review Demo And Tutorial Video

Can I use FormGet on my website

FormGet is a cloud-based form building software that allows you to generate more leads and enables payment collections. FormGet works fully with PAYPAL or STRIPE for either one time or recurring payments. The package can be use to manage multiple forms at once from just one place, so is very hand if you are offering different services through your site. Click Here To Visit

Easy to use

FormGet will work for any type of website, the form building processes is easy to use; the software uses drag and drop technology so a compete beginner will be able to build new forms tailor made for you own requirements in minutes.

formget review online form builder sample

By just drag and drop you can easily produce stunning and functional form like these. Form get is easy to use!

formget review online form builder page sample

Will formGet increase sales and profits ?

The aim of a form is to capture your customers information and improving on this overlooked concept has been ignored since the dawn of the internet. However, FormGet has met this challenge head on. Generally most forms are only embedded on the just one area of a website, but now FormGet enables the form to be embedded on all pages, with very neat feature of the ablility to embed forms on all pages of the site, scrolling along with the page, so the form can be access by pulling it in from the side of the page. This constant access for the form will ensure that your customers have constant access to the form and therefore the maximum opportunity to enter there information. More information equals more leads and more payments and more profits.

Click here to visit the FormGet site or keep reading to see the bonus features offered for a limit time.

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(honest, keep reading for the promo bonus!)

FormGet Review Features and Benefits, What else can it do?

Tracking and Analytics

FormGet enables you to monitor the performance and activities of your forms using the tracking and analytics feature. It consists of 3 different tracking tools such as Point of Contact, Users Tracking and Google Analytics.

  • The Point of Contact feature enables you to quickly track the main source of referral URL that leads your users to your forms. This tracking tool will greatly help you to easily identify the most useful referrals for your forms.
  • The Users Tracking feature permits you to easily track the user’s valuable information such as browser OS, country, IP and a lot more. This tracking tool provides you a detailed analytics of your user’s details.
  • The Google Analytics feature has the ability to help you see the user’s performance by foreseeing their commitment rate with your forms. Apart from this, you can also monitor how committed they are with your forms with the help of this tracking tool.

Data Collection

There are lots of ways you can use to gather the data of your customers using FormGet. The data collection feature provided by FormGet ensures the safety and security of your data as well as the data management. You can allow your users to launch autoresponder emails after they submit their data with your form, send email notifications to your users, prevent spammers from submitting data with your form, chat with your users in real time and allow them to upload their important files. The data of your users are safely stored within a protected database, which you can export anytime you desire. The exported data can be shared with anyone and the best thing is that you can use them offline.

Form Builder Features

FormGet offers different form builder features that enable you to create online forms base on what you want and need. Whether you are using FormGet for personal or business invitation, you can utilize FormGet to do the job effectively and perfectly.

Auto-text Feature

With the help of auto-text feature, you can easily make custom texts for your form so that you don’t have to repeat the same message again.

Spell check Feature

FormGet also has spell check feature that enables you to ensure that your form is free from spelling errors.

Branding Feature

The branding feature permits you to brand your form with the brand identities of your company. In this way, you can keep your form look more professional for your respected users.

Embed Form Feature

FormGet has embed form feature that enables you to entrench your form anywhere, which gives you utmost flexibility to use your form on any type of platform.

Form Validation Feature

It has the ability to guarantee your users that they are entering the right data before they submit their data through your form.

The Pros

  • Offers free form builder software that you can utilize without any time limit.
  • Provides different extensions that will greatly help you to improve the functionality of your form, which enables you to integrate your form with analytics, email marketing service, payment gateways and a lot more.
  • When it comes to custom branding form, FormGet allows you to design template colors. Using this software, you can change the font schemes, text field color and background color of your forms.
  • Permits you to add image. Using FormGet, you can display your company’s image in header banner that reflects your distinct identity.
  • Allows you to display logo. With the help of this software, you can change or add the logo after the form submission, link logo to your preferred webpage link and add distinct logo on top of your form by logo branding.
  • Also allows you to custom message. You can display your custom message after form submission like gratitude messages and many more.
  • Enables you to include links. With the help of FormGet, you can include social networking websites and personal links.
  • Also allows you to put header image. Using FormGet, you can also change the header image as per your brand necessity.
  • Is FormGet a scam? No it is not. This is software from an honest well founded company with good track record.


Any Cons?

  • Most of the available extensions that you can utilize with FormGet are available for a price. It simply means that you need to purchase every single extension that you wish to use, however the paid extensions offer a powerful addition to a dynamic product.


  • Form Security
  • Themes
  • Responsive
  • API
  • Form Rules
  • File Upload
  • Branding
  • Sub-domain
  • Templates
  • E-signature
  • Field Validation

Perks of Customize Form Branding

  • Customize form branding attract the reader of your site and promotes your products. It is true that advertising  is an excellent way to market your services, products and business. But this is all for nothing if you do not get the data collection right in your site.
  • It increases your reliability. By simply adding form in various ads and web pages, users can easily know that your business is a trusted one. Aside from this, it can also increase your customer’s reliability.
  • Customize form branding has the ability to increase your submission rate. Always remember that the more you share your forms, the more chances you have of increasing your submission rate and collects more users.
  • It makes your brand recognizable. When clients find out your brand again and again, it makes your brand and product recognizable across various channels.
  • Customize form branding can increase lead generation and popularity. By simply sharing your brand in social networking websites, you have a great chance to increase the popularity of your service or product which generates leads.

In summary the benefits and features of FormGet

  • Cloud-based software so there’s never anything to install
  • 100% newbie-friendly, so it’s easy for ANYONE to PROFIT from it
  • Allows you to create forms in a snap with Drag & Drop editor.
  • Gives you the ability to create custom designs for maximum exposure
  • Allows you to easily embed & share the form on social media which means MORE viral reach
  • Lets you oversee the entire form submission in ONE Place to easily identify winning campaigns!
  • Allows you to check messages and reply to leads instantly to turn them into lifetime buyers!
  • Give you the ability to collect payments with Paypal & Stripe – One-Time or Recurring to turn your site into a money machine
  •  Allows you to share it with team members or clients to help manage!
  • Creates logical forms and be crafted in your own language!
  •  Integrates with email marketing services – MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailGet, Mad MimiBut

what’s the price? Or should I say the current price, as this look like a launch price and I expect it to rise soon.

Current price is $47 for a year for 5 forms and $97 per year for the unlimited. No not MONTHLY- that’s YEARLY

formget review online form builderformget review online form builder

And what’s more that all comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!!!!

formget review online form builder


Formget Review Conclusion, Should I buy Formget?

While FormGet is free to use, download and install, it doesn’t mean that it is free software since you need to buy all the extensions available for FormGet in order to acquire the best functionality and performance of your forms, however if using the package as a professional, they are worth the investment. You can use FormGet to build a standard form for free without any time limit. Thanks for reading this Formget review, I hope you found it useful. If you have tried forget or any other form builder, leave a comment below.

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