Terms of Service

Terms of service.

Newtruereview.com is my honest research and blog postings of products. Many of which do have affiliate links, however some do not. All postings are of my opinions and I would advise that this site is not the only resource used in making purchasing decisions. By following links, as the user of this service, you understand commissions maybe be made payable to this site.

Newtruereview.com comments and newsletter sections are for increasing informational awareness, by entering a comment on the site or signing up to the newsletter, you agree to be on our mailing list an maybe emailed details of products or services that maybe of interest and benefit to yourself. You can request to be removed from the list at any time no problem, I have no interest in spamming your inbox and annoying you, this is a waste of time for all of us. (email me at newtruereview@yahoo.com).  Please keep to comments to a positive and friendly nature. The aim here is to spread useful information, the website administrators reserve the right to delete derogatory, hateful or inaccurate comments.

Bonuses and other freebies- Usually they will be sent out within 24 hours, please have in mind that we live in a global world, your daytime could well be my night time. Also at time of very successful launches, the time may be a little longer, but i will get round to it. The bonus and other free material I offer are the best ones that I can find at the time and the ones I think will be of most benefit and value to you.

Also note that some of the bonuses that are offered are recommend and obtained from third parties, whilst they have been tested on my system and have been found working or readable, I cant not account for your system. Also it it is recommended that your PCs security software is active at the time of use and opening. I have not found any problems, but you use these at you own decision and own risk.