PerkZilla Review

PerkZilla Review

If you want a new way to get increase traffic, boost your subscribers and all the social like that your campaigns can handle then Perkzilla is the new software for you.


perkzilla review learn morePerkzilla FREE 30 days guarantee, don’t like it no charge (check out Perzilla’s T&Cs for full details), now that’s a good start. PerkZilla has been created by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason to supercharge businesses, internet marketers and website owners to build the word about the up and coming promotions, campaigns and new launches, also to build their email list exponentiality. The software helps to spread and build the hype about your campaigns, promotions, product and brand. PerkZilla can make you go viral.

Anyway, enough of that, welcome to my Perkzilla review.

Perkzilla review overview

Vendor: Promote Labs Inc

Product: PerkZilla find out more

Launch Date: November 7th 2017

Launch Time: 10:00 EST

Price options: $197 life time, $97 growth , $67 starter

Guarantee: 30 Days, if your not happy no charge (check out perkzilla T&Cs)


Niche: Viral internet marketing


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So, what is PerkZilla?

If you are reading this, then I am guessing that you have already heard a bit about Perkzilla already, it has been buzzing around IM circles for a week or two now. So what is it.

Well, Perkzilla is a viral rewards platform which allows you to give gifts or rewards such as coupons, products, contest entries and all other types of rewards to your visitors in exchange or reward for them referring other people they know to you site. Yep think about, it’s a game of pass it on. If you tell 3 people and those 3 people each tell another 3 people each….on so into infinitum, thats a lot of people (erm yeah infinitum is a lot, but you get the idea).

PerkZilla and its best Features

I think there is a lot of good things here.

PerkZilla will drive traffic to you on auto pilot once you set it up, and set up is easy. You will not need to spend hours monitoring and fine tuning your campaigns and PerkZilla does not require you spend money on ads to get your word around. Just tell your email list and they will do the rest.

Easy to Use

Perkzilla has be developed so that anybody can use it on any device. Hodgkinson and Gislason created this software for their own use, so they had at their disposal a platform to get viral traffic on autopilot.

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Easy to use, here’s why.

The platform is web-based, so there is no downloading required, just log on and access your dashboard to make an immediate start.

Setting up a new campaign that will go viral is easy, just a few mouse clicks and your off. The app will give you a bit of code (WOW, its OK) all you need to do with this code is to cut and paste on to your website. Easy.

PerkZilla comes with step by step instructions plenty of tutorial or instructional video to guide you through to a successful campaign and there is also a comprehensive help section. The Dashboard is user-friendly and simple to use from the go.

Whether you are working on a laptop, desktop, table or phone, the Perkzilla platform works across all devices and it has been test drive and stress tested across all the major browsers.

Here’s a demo video of PerkZilla


With PerkZilla, you have a lot of control in how you set up your campaigns. You can choose and tweek from some of the following to see what works best for your promotions and material.

You can choose the volume of reward levels buy setting the level at which the rewards are given for the number of referrals. For example – each person could be encouraged to share say 4 times to earn a reward. I would say with a only a small amount of testing, you will hit the sweet spot for your products promotions as see them go viral in no time.

You have full control over the types of rewards you can offer, for example videos, ebooks, pdf booklets, coupons, apps memberships and so on and so on. Anything deliverable via email.

Customermize nearly everything- like opt-in forms, your emails etc. and best of all with Perkzilla, it comes with pre loaded default settings and pre written emails, so out of the box you can set your first campaigns up quick and easy.

The is easy to use over a wide range of content pages, including sales pages, contest, lead pages, landing pages, blogs, video and webinar registration and more.

All this is proven to drive viral traffic in volume to your landing pages, so if the better the rewards, the more appealing the broader the spread. Another small good point is that as most of your content send using PerkZilla will be spread via friend to friend, it has been vetted by a reliable source, giving the recipient confidence so it will not look like a scam or spam.

Any bad points

Unless there is an update, at time of writing this, it does not look like that you can use this to promote other people’s content, for example an affiliate link. To do this I would suggest you work directly with the party that own the website, ask them to paste a snippet of code on the page- after that I will work.

This isn’t a failing of PerkZilla itself so much as a practical limitation. While certain technologies such as iFrames should work, they are not practical with this specific application.

There is a way around this. If you want to promote an affiliate link, then set up a pre-sell page, and have your visitors refer their friends to THAT page. That way, you still get the viral traffic. You still get to build your list. You still get to promote your affiliate offer. The variance is that you don’t need to concern the vendor; asking them to creating special pages for you and pasting code into it.


More Benefits of PerkZilla

With the few bad points out of the way. Here are some more good points.


Perkzilla comes with an anti-fraud detection and prevention centre. The platform constantly monitors suspicious and fraudulent activity such as sign up activity and can prevent spam and scam from abusing or hijacking your campaigns for the reward.

Data reporting

The platforms dashboard enables you to track, monitor and analyse the data from your campaigns. You will be able, at a glance to access the the metrics of the data to compare viral verses direct leads and see the how your information is spreading.

Tracking pixel

Perkzilla also has the ability to add a “tracking page URL” to enable you to add your own welcome message on a separate page, this is where you can add a tacking or pixel. This works gread with google analytics and Facebook pixels.

Integrates with Autoresponders

Perkzilla will seamlessly integrate with the all the popular autoresponders, giving you the option to add all your new subscribers’ leads to your mailing list automatically.

The developers of perkzilla also claim that if your favoured service is not listed, then to let them know and they will “make it happen”.


Conclusion, will I buy it?

Good question. I can certain see the power of this platform. If you say had a small eCom shop, with just a small mailing list of say 1000, in small(ish) niche. If you had an offer that had some decent value to pass on. I could see impact of just a small list growing very quickly into a big reach and that big reach all coming back to your website. I bet with a good offer to pass on, respectable (but not big) list, you could soon dominate a whole niche.

perkzilla product review

Price options

Unlimited Plan Lifetime: $197 Unlimited Subscriber Emails & Viral Campaigns ==>get access here

Growth Plan Lifetime: $97 Store Up To 50K Emails & 5 Viral Campaigns ==>get access here

Starter Plan Lifetime: $67 Store Up To 10K Emails & 1 Viral Campaign ==>get access here

Viral Giveaways Bundle (the upsell) :$97 25 Ready made giveaways to power up viral promotions.==>click


I hope you found this Perkzilla review helpful.


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