SociClicks Review

SociClicks Review – A new solution to Social media marketing.

STEAL Traffic From Five MASSIVE Social Networks
And Send It To ANY Link You Want!

If you want to get totally 100% free traffic with any of you online offers within any niche on the most popular social media platforms, then SociClicks is for you. Continue reading my SociClicks Review to find out more.

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SociClicks what it is? What does it do?

This software enables you to embed photos, pictures or video on to the 5 big social media sites and allows this images to be clickable. Once clicked the reader is redirected to your site. We all know how social media platforms can facilitate the virility of posts and images. Now you have the power to link these images and push the traffic to you.

SociClicks Review Overview

Currently Social media marketing is the most powerful way to reach your existing and potential customers. The statistics are overwhelming. With over 3.7 billion people that access to the internet over 50% of them are regularly active on social media. So, taking advantage of this traffic is a no brainer, to grow your businesses  and to increases sales and profits redirect this viral traffic your way.

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With these statistics in mind, it leaves me in no doubt that a well-developed software tool that will leverage the power of the social media networks would be a game changer in the industry and my business and many others. I know personally what headaches I have had getting Facebook adds, right, and have also noted that the price is going up.


Product Details

The Product: SociClicks

Launches: October 14th 2017

The Man behind the product: Daniel Adetunji – A software entrupurner with several other successful products behind him, SoCi Offer, Flexsocial, Audience Social or the Traffic Buddy.

Price: $97 for the unlimited and $27 for the lite package

Trial: Yes, 30 day moneyback guarantee

Visit the sales page here


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So, What is SociClick exactly? And will increase sales?

To my knowledge, at the time of writing this SociClicks review, this software is  totally new and therefore one of kind product that will increase visits to your site. This software has been developed to be used on the most popular social media sites, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and is designed to attract visitor of this site to click your posts and be taken where you want them most, your site or landing page.

What it does. Will it increase visitor to my site?

To make money anywhere online you need to direct the traffic that would be interested in your product to your site. It is on the face of it as simple as that – no traffic, no sales. SociClicks aim is to solve this.

When most people click on images or photos, what they usually get is bigger images, but what you want is the traffic on to your site.

With sociclicks YOU get the traffic!



So SociClick can quickly transfer traffic from social media to your site.

How does it works? 1-2-3 easy as!

  • Step 1- Connect the SociClick app to your Socail Media accounts
  • Step 2- Create a new campaign and links using the easy to use tools
  • Step 3- Post on social media and see the traffic come your way.

Who is SociClicks for?

It is for anybody who as an online presence that need the traffic to their sites or affiliate links. These links could be obviously to any site, landing page or form. You don’t have to have any experience in html, coding etc, it is user friendly a complete tech novice could get to grips with this in minutes. This software is going to be great for bloggers, vlogger, affiliates, CPA marketers, E Com shop owners (including Shopify stores) and the list could go on. If you want to get traffic from social media to your sites, then sociclicks will be of real benefit to you; I can only see that this package will increase your traffic, sales and profit.

What are the  other benefits?

Action Link Controller

For Facebook, it can detect whenever you repost the same link and automatically cut down the reach that you get. With the Action Link Controller, you can customize your links to get a better reach. And the real powerful thing is you can embed your Facebook pixel and get the benefit from this.

Built In Image Search

This feature will save you loads of time searching through the internet, searching for the right image that is currently trending. This is a real-time saver and really adds value to the product. SociClick uses two massive image sources- Unsplash and Pixabay.

Image Editor.

SociClicks has a built-in image editor. This lets you edit, adjust, add CTAs, add text and crop etc all in minutes and all easy to use. 2 editors are available to use- Youzign and Pixie image editor, both of which are easy to use and down to personal preference which you choose.

Other Good Points of SociClicks

  • Cloud-based
  • Utilize 5 biggest social media platforms
  • Friendly interface
  • Support any product in any niche
  • Latest technology to release Clickable Images
  • Powerful Built-In tools
  • Reasonable price
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guaranteed

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sociclick review money backAm I going to get it? Should I buy it?

It’s something that I will be looking at in the next few months. To me it has obvious benefits and useful features. I would just go straight for the $97 deal, to have it on tap whenever I need it. Although buying monthly would allow you flexibility, this has its benefits too.

Thanks for reading my SociClicks review, I hope you found the information about this powerful software useful.

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