SociLiveStream Review

SociLiveStream Review


SociLiveStream Review Product BoxesWelcome to this SociLiveStream review, in this review I will go into the software and its background and what gap or need in the digital market it is going to fill. But first What is SociLivesteam in a nutshell? If you are the type of person that wants a quick answer to short question, then here is your answer.

SociLiveStream Review Concise overview

SociLiveStream is a Saas cloud-based software that enables the user or host to stream live video over the major social media network platform and the host’s own website or blog. The live streaming could be broadcast either on an individual site or any number of the sites simultaneously. Socilivestream also has the capacity to enable the host and the views to interact via live chat.

What makes SociLive Stream especially useful is that the host can contact their viewers via their lists and groups on email, SMS txt or messenger services supported by the respective social media site.

SociLive Stream also offers the ability to add your own video clips to the stream to be played during the live broadcast, this could be used as a themed introduction, for example, as part your induvial branding.

In brief conclusion, a smart bit of software, prices start at $37. to my knowledge, there is nothing else on the market quite like it. This software also includes other great features such as keyword suggestions and tools to get your content search optimised.

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SociLIveStream overview

Product Name: SociLiveStream

Format: Web based, SaaS (Cloudbased)

Promoter: Daniel Adetunji

Developer: XerOneIT

Launch: 12 December 11:00 EST

Price: entry: $27, $37, $47

Market Type: Blogger, vlogger, online brand -video and Live Streaming Video marketing.

Who is the developer

The developer of this new software is XeroneIT, a well established and respected software and web development company founded 7 years ago by the CEO M.M.Muraduzzamanv B.S.c M.S.c (computer science and engineering).Muraduzzaman and his growing team of software experts boast a stable of other reputable software packages for SEO, Email scrapping, Facebook scrapper and video editing. Titles include SiteDoctor, SiteSpy, Facebook Search Engine, VideoMarketer RX. XenoneIT also offer a consultancy service and have a large and growing list of clients. You can check out on their site here XenOneIT. Thiers well established reputation gives me lot of confidence in the product and is a good indicator that the software will be well supported and updated after the initial launch.

Who is the promoter

Daniel Adetunji is the promoter of SociLive Stream and also has many other launches under his belt, which include the recently launched SociClick,InstaFunnel Formula,Instant viedio Sales Letters, SociOfffer and Flexsocial. Daniel Adetunji has developed a well grounded reputation in the software promotions industry and has as a knack for spotting and backing winning packages. The buzz on the net about him is all positive (and believe me I dig hard on personnel details research, as I am very inquisitive). His read ups state he is VERY hard working and a nice guy, but if you are not a nice guy, you won’t go far in any type of promotions work, LOL.

What is SociLiveStream

Like a lot of software release these days, SociLive Stream is a web based SaaS software. This particular software is for live steaming events. Socilive Stream enables the user or in this case the host to upload or live stream video content there Youtube channel. So, ok, so far so what! Well that’s not all, that is just the tip of the main functional iceberg. The real power of SociLive Stream is what else it allows you do simultaneously.

SociLive stream also enables user to rank there uploads fast and high in YouTube (and in google) as the software comes complete with an excellent autosuggestion tool for useful related keywords. (a bit more on the keyword tool further on in this review). Not only are you able to rank high you are then able to share the video instantly to the all the most popular social networks.

SociLive Stream Review Demo Video Full Walk Through.

The demo video shows a full full walk through of the software, right from the start at the products Dashboard and then on to all the major features and functions of the product. It will show you how to set up your first campaign, how to synchronise this with the main social media platforms and how to integrate this with your email, SMS and messenger list. It also shows how to add to or create any new customer lists if you require.

How does it do it

A simple walk through- When you log in to SociLive stream the user is presented with a familiar looking Dashboard. The layout is not to dis similar to many other SaaS software packages, which in my opinion is generally a good thing, as I person wanting to be getting on with using the software tool and not learning how to use the software tool.

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through dashboard

The left hand side pane presents the user with the options to start campaigns depending which social media platform you would like to start from. Now I am going to guess that everybody will, almost by default, start off in YouTube and then link and configure their streams to Facebook, IG or own site etc.

The main pane (central and towards the right) offers quick links to all your social media account, which have been imported, note the Import Social Account menu option. the user could also start from the accounts shown in the main plain once added. However, the walk though shows the option of starting from the left hand site menus.

Screen shot – Import your social media

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through accounts

As I have just mentioned above, the Import Social Account menu, allows the user to import details of social media account from all the popular social media sites. By simply clicking the chosen social media icon SociLive Stream will synchronise with your social media account if you are already signed in to that social media account. If you are not signed in you are prompted to sign in or set up an account.

Start your campaign in your YouTube account

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through set up

By clicking on the YouTube option in the left pane, this allows the user to start the set up for Youtube. The user is presented with a few fields to fill in – Campaign name, Select Channel, Video Tile, Policy type (i.e. where you choose Public or private) Video Description (this helps video ranking), Video Tags (this also helps with the video ranking, this also has the Keywords tool button, a power tool with helping your videos to rank).

Add your own video and format

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through tool

Further down this screen, the user can upload video, either by drag and drop or searching for the file. This is especially useful if you would like to add a themed intro to your video. This is a neat little feature, as it makes adding videos easy. As stated this could be a short (or long as you like) intro to help brand your broadcast or you could add pre-recorded video as part of your live presentation maybe as talking point, train aide or product sales feature.

The built in keyword tool

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through

This screen shot shows where to enter the keywords used for the videos, also the country and city, which are optional, but a nice little future is the autocomplete to help save time and makes the overall package easy to use.

The keyword results and data

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through keyword tool

XerOneIT have a strong background in SEO tools and this shows with the inclusion of this keyword suggestion and analyser tool. Once again simple and instinctive to use, just click to the Add Keyword button that relate to the keyword you want to add to your video.

The SociLive Stream keyword tool, list the keywords and the associated date use for an analytical choice in the way of search volume, cost per click (CPC) and competition rating 0-1. These are all listed in fields that can be searched, filtered or listed high to low/low to high field by field. Once again SociLive Stream offers a familiar and easy to use format that is quick to get to grips with and start using as soon as you buy it.

Reach out to your customer lists

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through create

live streaming is an extremely powerful way to connect to your audience, however you do need to let your audience know that you are broadcasting or the whole process is absolutely pointless. Now of course SociLive Stream has thought about this too. SociLive Steam enables you to send out notifications via SMS text, Email and massager. These can be intergrated with your email autoresponder lists and your SMS. List can be imported using CSV file, the process is quick and easy.

Import CSV files from your email lists

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through add list

If you don’t want to use your CSV file socilive steam offers the facility to add contact manually.

Differentiating your live stream from the rest of the pack is important in creating brand identity. The above screen allows the user to expand and bring in their personalised theme to the live stream videos they are to broadcast. SociLive Stream allow you to personalise and format the look and the feel of the presentation. You can add color, txt, your own log, log position, music. The user friendliness of this is also apparent here too. The facility allows the user to either select files or to drag and drop in to the appropriate fields. Once you are happy with your choices that you have made, simply hit the ‘Generate’ button at the bottom of the page and SociLive Stream get to work and your video is added to the steam.

Almost ready, hit the generate button

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through add video

In today’s online marketing game, as I have mentioned above, it is especially important to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors. As well as the facility to format the look and feel of the live stream. SociLive Stream also give you the facility to add your own video, that is pre recorded to your live streaming. This I can be used an introduction to your broadcast. Inserting your own personalised theme can have a strong effect in your own online brand building strategy. The above screen shot show you where you can do this and the controls and option it gives you in formatting this facility.

Your Streaming LIve

SociLiveStream Review screen shot demonstration walk through start

Once you are live, the SociLive Stream will look something like this, depending upon how you have personalised the format to your own branding requirements. Note the live chat stream box down the right hand site of the screen. This enables the host to intract with viewers live. Let’s not forget, altought this screen shot shows the example of the stream being broadcast on YouTube, the Stream can also be shown on all the major social media platforms simultaneously.

Internet usage and video and live streaming the future

Standout from the crowd

In today’s online age customers can quickly and easily search from goods and services online. Often the price focused consumer will go for the lowest price on the market. Obviously, this race to the bottom cannot and will not continue forever as its only theoretical end would be that we all eventually go out business, resulting in a forever churning of small and inexperienced companies selling poor cheap products. For some time time now the online marketer has picked up on the fact that, as in off line business, building brand identity is major part of building the reputation of themselves and their business. On line marketers have for some time been using pre recorded video to develop a strong personal connection with either potential or existing customers.

The data

According the technology company Cisco, that by 2020, 80 percent of all consumer (note the word consumer) internet traffic will be online video streaming. This is up from the 2016 figure of 73 percent. However, that is not the full story, remember that the number of internet user is still growing. Cisco also forecast the total video traffic will, from 2016 to 2021, have grown 4 times the total amount.

Live content keep views engaged

So, why not just produce more pre recorded content and upload and jump on the rising tide. Well here is some more figures to consider. Viewers of video services spend 3 times as long watching live stream as they do watching a pre recorded equivalent. View of live streaming events, comment a massive 10 time more, compared to pre recorded content. This, in my opinion show how powerful the engagement potential of live streaming. We already know how pre recorded video can have a personalised connection with views. The live element opportunities re enforce this potential even further.


The advantage, benefits and features of SociLiveStream Review List

SociLiveSteam Enables the user to create a live YouTube streaming event, simultaneously sharing the live stream on social networks and to schedule the video for a live streaming event.

With SociLive Stream you can create event and go live instantly, shareing to supported social networks-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

SociLiveStream includes a powerful keyword suggestion tools. To win top ranking spots in YouTube and Google chose from the keyword tool suggestions

  • Email Integration to send email to your list with the video URL that you are scheduled to go Live.
  • SMS integration to send SMS to your list, invite them to your live streaming event.
  • SociLiveStream Facebook Streaming Facility
  • Create Live Event and set your video for Live Streaming.
  • Create Direct Live Streaming in Facebook
  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaign.
  • Share Page’s live video to all other pages, profile, and groups.
  • Auto like on page’s live video by all your pages.
  • Post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Blogger about live notification that you are live on Facebook.


What makes SociLiveStream Special?

In this part of my SociliveStream review, i would like to point out some things that makes the software really useful. These are:-

  • The user can create Live Event to increase social engagement prior to the live stream.
  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaign Create a campaign and let it go. No need to open your pc during live streaming. Just set and forget. (if you don’t want to host it live)
  • Sharing your own YouTube live Video or Event to social media networks will create an increased engagement, increase views, and organically generate backlinks of your YouTube video and high ranking in Google.
  • SociLive Stream Keywords suggestion tool ensures that you make your YouTube live video rank high if not top.
  • Facebook Live Streaming, Live Event & Scheduling
  • Share Page’s live video to all of your other pages.
  • Email, SMS alerts and messenger alerts for both YouTube & Facebook Live.
  • Tweet on twitter, Post on LinkedIn, Tumblr about your Facebook Live Notification

What are the products disadvantages?

For the $27 front end package, you only get a very limited access to the software’s overall features. This is however a VERY low price. Most products of this standard are price around the $37 to $47 point. It is at this level where you can really start to benefit from the full power of the package. So I suppose the $27 point should be considered an advantage, as it will give a low entry price into the product to get a feel for it.

What are the product pricing points?

Front End: $27 – Live steaming in YouTube and Facebook. Keyword suggestion tool. Facebook syndication to pages, groups and profiles. 60 syndication campaigns per month. 10 social media accounts.

OTO 1 PRO: $37 – Unlimited steaming and syndication campaigns. Unlimited social media accounts. Multiple campaign support. YouTube syndication to Twitter, Tumblr, reddit, LinkedIn, Printrest, blogger, WordPress.

OTO 2 PRO: $47 – Live streaming notification send email, SMS. Facebook livestreaming notification post in twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn. Intro video creation. YouTube video analytics. YouTube channel analytics.

OTO 3 Training and Webinar: $47

OTO 4 Agency license: $197

Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
100% Risk Free

Get SociLiveStream now and enjoy it for 30 Days.

socilivestream review 100% guarantee icon


SociLive Stream Review Price Summary

Socilive Stream offers a number of pricing points depending on the potential users needs and requirements from the software. The front end starts at a very reasonable $27 and offers a very respectable 60 campaigns pre month and can use up to 10 social media account per month. After the front end there are a numbers of upgrade options, where to gain the full benefit you really need to start at $37 price to gain access to the unlimited steaming campaign syndication. However, to gain access to the SMS and email notification you need to spend a bit more, $47. Although I would image this is easily a good investment. Socilivestream also has  a Guaranteed Or Your Money Back 100% Risk Free deal.


SociLiveStream Review In conclusion

When facing the facts and the marketing projected figures of the internet and video usesage, it becomes obvious why XenOneIT came up with the idea to develop SociLive Stream. The numbers alone on the continued growth of the internet and coupled with how the using habits of this growth are going to be spending time on the internet, suggest a product like this is a no brainer for a development company to sell. But the big question is should you buy it? If as individual purchasers, whether for yourself or on behalf of a company, if you are growing your online presents, then yes, you need a product that will enable you to go live visually. The benefits of being able to reach out to all your relevant customer lists, informing them of your broadcast and then to go live on multiple platforms is a very useful and powerful tool.

Live video is growing

With a growing internet and growing internet video usage, comes the opposite end of the same word. If more people are spending more time online, then more and more content is being added. As company or individual marketing yourself or product online, it is ever more important to stand out from the growing crowd. Building a personal or strong product brand is paramount. Video engagement is arguably the most powerful way to reach out and connect with your customers and necessary today. Live streaming engagement is where the tread is going over the next few years. As far as I can find, there is no other product on the market that tick all the boxes that SociLive Stream ticks. True there are other methods of streaming on line, but not on multiple social media platforms simultaneously, and not with the integration to reach out to your mailing, sms and messenger lists.

So, should you buy it? If you are growing your brand, then the answer as got to be Yes.

I hope you have found this SociLive Steam review useful. IF you have any questions or thing you have found about this or related content, then leave a comment below.

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