SQZin Product Review

SQZin Review 2017

Find content that is about to go viral and turn it into an opt in grabbing, cash generating call to action nudging squeeze page- Traffic sent to your promotion!

Welcome to my SQZin review. If you are an affiliate marketer, list builder service provider, product creator, an owner of a eCom store, such as Shopify, or anybody that needs to target and direct internet traffic to offers, then I think this software is going to be of benefit to you; I would definitely look into this one. It is most probably one of the fastest and most effective ways to get visitors to your offers.

With SQZin, no website is required, all you need to do is to share links on social platforms that are going viral. You have most probably had experience with services such as Bit.ly, but until now it has not been possible with added custom overlays, yes overlays that will redirect the traffic to your offers.

SQZin will allow you show viral content with your own custom overlay or splash page or even videos with opt in boxes. Pretty cool stuff if you want to earn more cash on the internet.

SQZin Review – Overview

Product: SQZin
Price: options between $9.97 per month to $97 per year, see more in the review
Date Of Launch: 2017-November 8th
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche:General internet marketing 
Support: Good, however it seem simple to use anyway
Official site: Click Here  
Skill Level Needed: All Levels, easy to use

Carry on reading or go to the SQZin  page for more details


What is SQZin?

So, tell me about the software, what is the product? The team behind SQZin have developed a SaaS Cloud based platform that will enable the user the add links to content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google+. Without any coding, writing or your own website this will empower internet marketers of all types promote their products and drive traffic to where they want it. SQZin can turn any webpage, link, Youtube video, shopify offer (or any other eCom shop offer for that matter), quiz, news item or Facebook post. The cleaver bit about the software is that SQZin’s algorithm can detect and locate content that is GOING to become viral, so you can pick up on it before the rest of the crowd. SQZin can also attach your own pixels to track and retarget visitor and increase conversion. You can also use your own pixels from other sources like Facebook and Google Adwords, it all pretty powerful stuff.


How can SQZin be used?

  • SQZin can find viral content, using any page you like, this includes news articles or affiliate links.
  • You can either choose to search for content yourself from videos, articles or products etc or use the constantly growing database that SQZ collects and updates every 10 minutes. This, I have got to say is much cheaper that some other market research tools that would charge 5 or even nearly 10 times as much per month.
  • You can turn this into an instant squeezepage with Call to Action, opt in form or ad banners. This will be useful, no, brilliant for you, if you are an affiliate marketer, have a webinar to promote, if you are a list builder, have coupon promotions, promote a service provider or if you need to promote anything else online. As with SQZin, you will not need to write a single line of code or a single word or create any videos. And as you don’t need to post on your own website, there is no need to invest in expensive search engine optimization or buy back links and risk over optimizing, risking getting your site demoted down the rankings. There will be no need for URL shortners like Bit.ly. And another great advantage of SQZin is that this package will keep track of all your links in one place.

Watch the SQZin Demo video

So, Who Is SQZin for?

  • All this will work for all types of pages, this makes any share you make instantly more profitable.




Up Until SQZin there were 3 options available if you wanted augment this type of content.

  1. Take no action and miss the opportunity to cease traffic and continue to pay for advertisements and content.
  2. You could try to work out how all of this is done, employ software writers and other developers to create this type of programming that will take viral content, all you to drop custom overlays over it and the rest of the above mentioned.
  3. Or invest in SQZin and push hot traffic your way to your offers and profit.


What are the other futures of SQZin?

Customized Call to Action

You can create custom call to action overlays, add images, pictures, logos etc., to content. Add your sales pitch and tag lines with call to action buttons which will send customers directly to your offers and sales pages.


Turn videos in to squeeze pages

Make Lead Capture Forms

SQZin works all the main auto-responders so this can be easily integrated into your campaigns and mailing list.

Edit page title and Descriptions

When using SQZin to squeeze a page it will create a header that can be easily customized to exactly how you need it for your campaign. Drive your potential customers to your custom overlay, persuade then to take action and click where you want them to go…. Your landing pages.

Splash pages of your promotions

If you have a special offer to promote at a certain time. Use the time controlled splash pages to show off your offers and promotion before the customer is redirected to your viral content. This has the benefit of promoting one time offers powerfully. Splash pages are also great for promoting your brand awareness.

Pixels, pixels, pixels.

SQZin has the facility to use pixels, either pixel generated form SQZin or from Facebook or Adwords. If you have every used Facebook pixels effectively you will know how powerful this technology can be. You can use the tag manager to track conversion and retarget customers who click your links, they can then be hit with pop up forms, exit popup forms or contact forms.

Keep sharing the links

Social sharing buttons will automatically show with every link that create. Your happy customers can share the content on the big social media sites. This creates viral exposure for you.


What are the Benefits of SQZin

Generate more quality leads

In sharing high quality material with your own individual overlays will enable you to attract a higher volume of leads.

Generate increased Traffic

In internet marketing traffic is king. Picking up free viral traffic and pushing customers to your own call to action overlays is powerful.

Getting exposure to your links

The very nature of virality is that it will be seen by thousands or even millions of people. This give your promotions the maximum exposure.

Easy to use system

SQZin is very easy to use, just see the video in this review. Building links and CTA off viral content has never been so easy. SQZin provides comprehensive training videos with tools tips and everything you need to launch your campaigns.

Gets traffic to your landing pages

If you need landing pages SQZin can create landing pages, squeeze pages or the process of the complete funnel. SQZin will also password protect any created content.

Manage everything from one place.

This might be simple to use but it is powerful. The SQZin’s dashboard allows you to track and control everything in real time. You can get all the metrix- number of click, source of visitors, the country, referral and more.

Any Other Questions

How can traffic be sent to my squeeze links?

The most powerful way to promote your links is through the major social media platforms. Sending links to facebook and linkedin groups together with your pages is a proven way. This software automates the process. This can also be integrated with your email marketing.

Is SQZin easy to use?

Yes very. They have provided all the training video and instructions to make your campaign a success.

Are all the links that you used saved?

Yes. All this work is saved or can be deleted as you wish.

Well isn’t SQZ just another URL shortening device.

No, it’s much more. The much already used URL shortening services will not enable you to custom overlay or add op in forms. SQZin will allow you to shorten a URL but will enable you to do much more to empower you campaign to drive traffic to your offers.

Can my links be shared?

Yes, and that’s the whole idea. Get your links viral, spread thought social media. Share share share.

Is it easy to add a custom overlay?

Yes easy, very easy, just watch the video.

Is SQZin a Scam?

This one always gets asked in reviews. No! it is not a scam, I do not review scams. SQZin has been developed by a highly reputable software provides, that offer genuine value.

What do I need to do on my website, do I need to post anything?

No. you don’t even need a website. If you are an affiliate you can direct customers directly to the offers you are promoting,

How much does SQZin cost? What are the price options?

Frontend Product: Sqzin Option 1: $9.97 per month Option 2: $47 per year Option 3: $27-$47 Lifetime offer (price rising during launch – get on the email list for all the offers) Get more details

OTO1 : Sqzin Pro – $37-$47 Additional Features Include:  – Autoresponder Integration – Wordpress Plugin – Retargeting Pixels – Custom Scripts – Custom Overlay Feature.  Get more details

OTO2 : Sqzin Pro Plus – $27-$67 per month Upgrade for more monthly page displays/views, extra media pages.  Different levels available, max level comes with bonus agency license. Get more details

+ 67 per month includes agency license too

OTO3 : Sqzin Cash – $97 per year Covert Commissions integration unlocking their choice of done for you, 100% managed marketing campaigns to automatically monetize leads. Get more details

Conclusion, Would I buy it?

In one word, Yes! As I am looking open another ecom shop, most probably choosing the Shopify option (I’am a big fan) then yes. Facebook adds don’t seem to have the reach they use to so this seems a great package.


Good luck with you campaigns







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