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Videlligence Review 2017


Powerful, artificial video intelligence software that will create first class promotional videos quick!

 Introduction, Videlligence Review

more videlligence informationImage that you require a promotional video to help sell your product or services on line. You have probably done this already. Hired a recording studio or bought expensive equipment, taken most of your valuable day to shoot one video and its still not great. And you have  to  unbox some of your actual real stock, things never go back into the box the way that they were first packed, never mind, you can always sell that one off cheap on eBay.

 Welcome to my Videlligence review, I am about to cheer you up if you are familiar with the above scenario. On the 4th of November, Videlligence is going to be launched and the above problems will be solved.

If you don’t want to get into the technical nitty gritty, in a nutshell Videlligence will create top quality promotional videos by just cutting and pasting a URL related to the product in the software. And it will do this almost instantly.

I have never before had so much trouble writing a blog of this type, but this Videlligence review has proven to be a difficult gig. That’s not because the product is bad, its because the product is so dam good. Videlligence does what many online marketeers really need right now and it delivers brilliantly, I think the maker of this product have really struck a chord and absolutely tuned in to the current market.

Videlligence review demoJust copy & paste the link from your product store…

videlligence demonstration



to videlligence App and lets magic begins…

videlligence video demo

Upload your perfect videos ads on Facebook and Youtbe and enjoy


So, what is Videlligence?

Videlligence is the quickest and simplest way to profit from video marketing. There are plenty of video creation software tool on the market, but to my knowledge this is unique. Videlligence engages the fully automated video advertisements to get maximum traffic, maximum converions and profits.

This is a cloud based application that utilizes artificial intelligence that will combine the conversion power of video and social media advertising.

Users of this new software will be to create first class, professional grade video advertisements for any eCom product in exactly one click. All the user will be required to do is to enter the URL of a eCom stores product (or use one of the many customizable template) and BOOM, videlligence will produce.


Who can use Videlligence?

Anybody! You don’t need any experience with video editing, all you need is a computer (I guess you already have one of these). Basically, it’s so dam simple.

Check out the Demo Video

What are the benefits of Videlligence?

Easy and fast

Users that have Videlligence can quickly produce their own videos of fast selling products, simply spy on your top competitors and cut and paste the URL of their website and put it into the software. The software will then automatically collect all the information to product top quality high converting promotional videos, fast.


Artificial intelligence and/or templates

Users can create quality, top converting videos of either competitors’ products or their own. You could use the fully automated method or use the many templates that you have full customisation of.

Over 100 templates included.

The package comes with over 100 templates, 1000 background audio tracks, all are very easy to use and quick to set up.


Show your videos in many locations

Using the power of social media, video and mobile traffic with no video editing skills required.


How much does Videlligence cost?

Option 1: Front End Offer One Time Payment: $47  click here for more details

Gives you access to Videlligence cloud-based software for automated video advertisement development.

100 templates, 1000 background audios, complete modification & training features.

Option 2: $37/month click here for more details

Is the monthly video advertisements design template club.

Members get fresh, top-converting advertisement templates every single month to keep your promo fresh.

Option 3: $67 click here for more details

Email Video Advertisements – users can convert their VidElligence advertisements into animated GIFs to utilize INSIDE marketing e-mails for a SKY-HIGH increase in email conversions.

Option 4: $77 click here for more details

Commercial License + Additional Performance, for the real marketing pro.

Option: $77 click here for more details

Resell Rights + Extras.


buy videlligence

Conclusion of this Videlligence review.

In truth, this has been a difficult review to produce, as I mentioned above, that’s not because there is not a lot to write about the software, but because it is so simple to use and the benefits are so plainly obvious. Basically, if you want a video of a product that you sell – copy a URL where the product is also sold and paste it into videlligence- bang! You have a quality, well produced promotional video that you can put on your website, social media or YouTube easy.

If you have a Shopify store, that you dropship your products with, you will know you need to do a lot of testing before you hit upon a winning product to scale. I would say that, as a rule of thumb, you can test anything from 5 to 10 products (maybe more) before you find a seller. Using videlligence will enable you to produce quality promotional video material quickly, just what you need.

As far as I know, this is totally new and unique, there is nothing out there like this, I think this is a case of you have to get it or your competitors will. ==>go to Videlligence to find out more.

 Good luck with your promos



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  1. steve Post author

    In this videlligence review it mainly suggests that the software will be useful for shopify store owners but I think it could be used for many other online stores and promotions.

  2. Dan Post author

    The videlligence review missed this off, but the monthly price I think will be going up sometime after the launch


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